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The Williams

I love these two. They actually did this for their one year anniversary. They weren't a fan of their wedding pictures the first time around, hopefully I did them good the second time! Two things I am jealous of
1. That her husband was so nice to do this for her!
2. That she fit into her wedding dress with no issues!
They are still as in love and so adorable. Even a big group of girls walked by oohing and awing at them and telling them congrats! It was pretty adorable!

Kaitlin Sneak Peak {arizona child photographer}


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tanner {arizona child photographer}

This kid is the most perfect little boy in the world. He sings in church choir and always knows the words by heart! He is only in kindergarten! Super smart eh? We all want our sons to be exactly like him and everyone I know wants their daughters to date him! I just love this little boy and he was so easy to shoot!


Madison {newborn arizona photographer}

Don't you just want to eat her? Her perfect little lips and gorgeous eyes! She is so adorable! Seeing her mom pull out bracelets, dresses and headbands with flowers and actually made me want to have a girl now! She was so precious, obviously you can see where she gets her good looks from!






Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yes, I am here!
All moved into our place in Kentucky, well almost all moved in. Trying to find places for things, decorating on a know...those sorts of things!

I have tons of pictures coming your way.

Christmas is coming soon, ok well it's four months away, but Fall is the best time to get your pictures done for your Christmas cards! Plus doesn't it feel so good to be on the ball once in awhile. I admit, I'm at fault for this, sending our cards after the Holidays because I ran out of time, or the holidays came too fast!

I will be announcing Holiday Specials in the next few weeks!!! Hopefully everyone can take full advantage of these! Let your friends know too!

I promise, this week, I'm going to get back on the blog wagon. It's been tough trying to share a computer with my husband (he isn't a good sharer...of course though, he is the one in school!) Luckily he doesn't need it these next few days, so I will be staying up late putting together everyones pics, holiday specials and everything in between!

Thanks for staying tuned it! Hopefully things are looking better from here on out! Oh ya, plus I need to do the new showing of my blog! Can't wait to let it loose!

Thanks everyone!